VORTEXWEB - Endless Bitrix24 Locale Support

Frequently Inquired Queries (FIQ)

Unlimited Bitrix24 Local Support is a holistic aid program curated to furnish continual guidance, consultations, and support for enterprises embedded in Bitrix24 cloud schemes. It envelops a broad spectrum of services, tailoring your Bitrix24 experience while steering clear of temporal constraints or hourly tolls. Please note that due to Bitrix24 cloud plan nuances, bespoke developments are not part of this support.

Seek support through a plethora of pathways — web forms, emails, chats, phone conversations, and even video dialogues. Our aim is to bestow a seamless, easily accessible support milieu, engaging you across diverse communication realms.

Absolutely not. The echelons of online consulting know no bounds. Our experts stand poised to tackle your queries, proffer insights, and aid you in surmounting hurdles as you harness Bitrix24 for your enterprise.

Certainly. Our support dossier encapsulates online training and onboarding regimens, shepherding your team towards adeptness in wielding Bitrix24's features. We strive to furnish a frictionless assimilation into the platform.

Crafting and implementing configurations form part of our services. We align Bitrix24 with the idiosyncrasies of your business processes, working in tandem to fashion a platform bespoke to your requisites.

Affirmative. Our support spans Bitrix24 Market consultations. We'll guide you in cherry-picking apps from the marketplace tailored to amplify your workflows and bolster productivity.

We illuminate you through consulting and clarifications regarding Bitrix24 updates and newfound features. Our experts traverse with you, facilitating the integration of these updates into your workflows and the effective configuration of new features.

Commencing is a breeze. Simply fill the service request form, and we'll be your compass, ushering you through the enrollment process. Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of Bitrix24 benefits with our unwavering assistance.

Yes, we stand ready to assist with data migration utilizing Bitrix24's built-in capabilities. Our experts will navigate you through the process, ensuring the seamless transition of your data within the Bitrix24 ecosystem.

While our support package is all-encompassing, certain services lie beyond its purview — third-party integrations, expansive custom development, 24/7 availability, on-site support, and profound hardware/infrastructure assistance.

Our specialists, armed with over 3 years of experience, have been schooled in the Bitrix24 partner center. Regular refresher courses and special training keep our team abreast of the latest Bitrix24 features.

To embark on an implementation project, grant access to your portal. For cloud portals, add user services@vortexweb.cloud; for on-premise portals, add user services@vortexweb.cloud to the Administrator group.

Lodge a service request, and we'll promptly reach out, addressing queries and kickstarting the process. Your Bitrix24 support sojourn commences with a simple service request.