Pipedrive gets your sales. Pipedrive users close an average of 28% more deals after their first year.

Pipedrive gets your sales. Pipedrive users close an average of 28% more deals after their first year.


Kick your sales into gear

In sales, spreadsheets and email tools are only a baseline. To drive sales consistently, you need more advanced software solutions.

Sales software – or a sales platform ​​– is a centralized sales hub that’s designed to empower salespeople to collaborate, optimize their sales process and forecast sales cycles. And that’s not all – a sales platform is excellent for enhancing the customer journey and customer experience, generating new business and reducing overall costs. Want to see what a sales platform looks and feels like?

Sales CRM tools: A beginner’s guide


Sales pipeline and deals

When looking for a CRM solution, start by exploring its core functionality. Pipelines and deals are the foundation of every professional sales CRM. These features allow you to visualize your sales process and move your deals to won.

With Pipedrive, you can add deals, their value, win probability and expected close date, then organize and track them by your pipeline stages. Customize the stages to suit your sales cycle, create team pipelines and filter results by team member or stage. Colored cues draw your attention to deals about to go cold, so you know what to tackle first.


Custom fields

Drag-and-drop interface

Intuitive design

Mobile app

Access your sales data on the go from any device

Recurring revenue

Keep track of all your subscriptions and repeat customers

Lead generation chatbot

Automatically interact with your web visitors 24/7

Contact management

Gain valuable insights about your contacts with one click



Salespeople spend an incredible amount of time on manual tasks that often get in the way of closing deals.

To address this pain point, sales software should always offer sales automation features for a variety of administrative and repetitive tasks. Pipedrive allows you to automate just about any step of your sales process for your entire team, from scheduling sales calls to email marketing. This means you can auto-nurture leads while focusing on high-priority tasks. Set triggers and desired actions, then let our powerful automation tools do the work for you.


Insights and reporting

It’s way too easy to miss out on key insights when using spreadsheets.

Professional sales software should provide actionable insights through customizable reports and visual dashboards. With Pipedrive, you can add custom fields to your reports to track variables and reveal winning patterns or bottlenecks. Keep your most important reports and KPIs in one centralized location for sales analytics and share them with anyone. Set individual, team and even company-wide goals, then track sales performance with real-time metrics.


Visual reports

Pipeline metrics

Custom dashboards








Email and communication tracking

Email and other customer communication tools tend to overwhelm salespeople, especially when working in teams.

Your ideal sales management software should offer robust email and communication tracking to help keep sales teams on track. With Pipedrive, you can access emails from within your sales platform. Get live notifications whenever contacts click or open your emails and follow up at the right time. Pipedrive offers a selection of sales enablement emailing tools such as two-way email sync, a variety of ready-made email templates and a group email feature.

Internal chat integration

Assign chats requests on your website to sales reps

Task management

Manage all sales-related tasks from one place

Invoice and billing

Create and send invoices to your invoicing app directly from Pipedrive

Lead qualification

Capitalize on dedicated lead distribution software and qualification features


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Sales software to help you grow

Pipedrive is designed to:

  • Help you close more deals
  • Cut sales-related legwork
  • Allow everyone on your team to collaborate better
  • Automate sales tasks
  • Support your customer communication
  • Create customized sales reports

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