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At VORTEXWEB, we redefine your Bitrix24 experience with our Unlimited Bitrix24 Local Support.

100+ landing page templates

Pick a template you like and customize it using our block-based editor to create a memorable, visually appealing landing page design.

Free landing page hosting

You get to choose your own domain name and host your landing page for free with Bitrix24.

Landing page marketing

Our landing pages come fully integrated with Bitrix24 CRM, marketing, and customer support tools.

Web forms and live chats

Acquire more leads and turn them into customers by adding custom web forms and live chats to your Bitrix24-built website.

CRM integration

All the customers, orders, and payments you receive from your website can be automatically added to Bitrix24 CRM.

Third-party apps

Install our third-party integrations to get even more possibilities for receiving payments, marketing, and sales.

Chat and videoconferencing

Remote or not, your employees will always have a wide choice of communication tools - chats, voice calls, video calls and conferences.

Employee polling

A quick and easy way to collect opinions from your team, polls are fun, engaging, and super-helpful.


News, updates, announcements, likes/reactions, appreciation badges, and more.

Unlimited source of ideas

Just open a new chat and enter a detailed prompt specifying what kind of idea you would like to get.

Ideal brainstorming partner

You can ask CoPilot to validate an idea of yours, offer constructive criticism, find logical fallacies, and more.

Virtually unlimited possibilities

Too busy to search for the right words? Use CoPilot to write responses to your colleagues in the Feed.

Discover 400+ integrations

Optimize your revenue cycle with 400+ apps for lead generation, video calls, project management, marketing and more. Connect your favorite software in minutes and get tailored add-on suggestions with Pipedrive Marketplace.
Pipedrive’s simple, secure and flexible ecosystem helps you stay on track for sales success. Enrich your CRM tool with integrations, manage your pipeline on the go and onboard teammates without the learning curve.

World-class security and robust account controls

Keep your data safe with AES-256 encryption, full SOC 2 compliance and leading hosting infrastructure in Rackspace and AWS. Tailor your account permissions and security settings and receive instant alerts for peace of mind.
With Pipedrive’s mobile apps for Android and iOS, sales efficiency is always at your fingertips, wherever you are. Access your data on the move, finalize meeting prep and impress leads with instant follow-ups.

Discover the Power of Unlimited Support with Bitrix24 Cloud Plans
Here's why it's the game-changer you need for your business journey:

  • Unleash Unparalleled Support:

    Bid farewell to limits!
    Our dedicated team is ready to assist you via web forms, emails, chats, phone calls, and even video calls.

  • Unrivalled Online Consulting:

    Transform your business strategy with unlimited insights from our experts.
    We guide you through challenges, optimize processes, and unlock Bitrix24's full potential for your unique needs.

  • Masterful Onboarding and Training:

    Seamlessly transition into Bitrix24 with confidence.
    Our comprehensive online training ensures your team becomes proficient, making adoption a breeze.

  • Tailored Configuration Services:

    Your success is our priority!
    We configure and implement Bitrix24 to align perfectly with your business processes, providing a tailor-made solution that maximizes efficiency.

  • Marketplace Mastery:

    Navigate the Bitrix24 Marketplace like a pro!
    Benefit from expert guidance in selecting ideal apps to amplify your workflows and enhance collaboration across your organization.

  • Stay Ahead with Update Insights:

    Embrace innovation without the hassle.
    Our support covers consulting and clarification on the latest Bitrix24 updates and features, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Local AUS/NZ Business Hours Availability:

    Our passionate support team follows regular AUS/NZ business hours, ensuring prompt responses and efficient solutions.

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Exclusions: Clarity Driven by Our Transparency:

While our Unlimited Bitrix24 Local Support empowers your business journey, transparency is paramount.
Here's a clear breakdown of what falls outside the scope of our support:


Guidance provided, but support not included.

Specialized projects may require additional services.

Customized sessions arranged upon request.

Limited by Bitrix24 built-in cloud capabilities.

Focus on Bitrix24 cloud plans; on-premise support requires a separate arrangement.

Remote support for efficiency; on-site services not included.

Bitrix24 Cloud


Implementation Time: Contract period - 12 months
Payment Terms: Upfront payment - $24,000 + GST /
Monthly payments - $2,400 + GST

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