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Eliminate busywork with sales automation

With Pipedrive, you can automate just about any step of your sales process. Trigger personalized emails that go out whenever you create a deal, or move a deal along a pipeline stage, keeping leads warm while you focus on high-priority tasks.

Save hours with automated lead nurturing

Never miss a follow-up and focus on the right leads with automated sales conversations.

Harness sales insights to drive your strategy

Dive into real-time sales reports and grasp the ins and outs of your sales funnel. Pipedrive’s forecasting, goal-setting, team monitoring and advanced sales metrics tools help you to make swift, informed decisions.

Pipeline management

Pipeline management should be the core of a sales CRM’s functionality. Still, some lack sales lead management features, while others are overly technical and difficult to get the hang of.
Pipedrive’s visual and intuitive interface makes pipeline management a breeze. Unlike other lead management tools, Pipedrive lets you create and customize as many pipelines as you need to reflect your unique sales process.

Leads Inbox

Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox helps you declutter your CRM and improve your pre-sales communication with prospects.
Store incoming leads in the Leads Inbox until you’re ready to qualify them.
Filter, sort and edit your leads, then add activities to stop them from getting cold.

Smart Contact data

With Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data, you can import valuable information from the web with just one click. The feature uses your contacts’ email addresses to collect information they share online.
Use the insights to help with lead scoring, improve segmentation and save valuable time.

Contact management

Your contacts are at the core of your customer communication process. Each represents an opportunity that you need to tend to and follow up with to grow your business and close more sales. Pipedrive keeps your contacts organized by dividing them into “people” and “organizations” categories. Once added, you can link your contact to deals they’re associated with.

Email inbox

Pipedrive’s email inbox, for example, includes some nifty sales-dedicated features like:

  • Email sync: Send and receive emails from your work or Pipedrive inbox and see up-to-date information in both, or start with Smart Email BCC to sync emails one at a time.
  • Email templates: Send more emails in less time while maintaining your personal touch. Choose from ready-made templates, or create your own, then auto-populate them with infos from your contact.

  • Sales dashboards and dashboard reporting

    Pipedrive’s Insights dashboards and dashboard reports bring your sales to life. Turn your metrics and reports into charts, graphs and interactive tables. Create, customize and filter results your way. Insights’ dashboard design ensures you’ll have all the right data at your fingertips thanks to its clear data visualization.


    Forecasting revenue is crucial when it comes to planning sales and marketing strategies. A clear sales forecast can help you make the right business decisions, prioritize deals and allocate resources to meet your goals. Pipedrive’s CRM reports forecast your projected revenue. Use the expected close date or the won date of a deal or create your own custom fields. Focus your efforts on which actions you need to take to meet your revenue targets.


    The less concrete and detailed your goals are, the harder it is to track your progress and meet your objectives. Pipedrive’s goals feature helps your team stay focused and pave the way to success. Create goals based on deals or activities and specify them by adding assignees, types, pipelines, durations and intervals. Set value- or count-based tracking metrics on top of your forecast.

    Discover 400+ integrations

    Optimize your revenue cycle with 400+ apps for lead generation, video calls, project management, marketing and more. Connect your favorite software in minutes and get tailored add-on suggestions with Pipedrive Marketplace.
    Pipedrive’s simple, secure and flexible ecosystem helps you stay on track for sales success. Enrich your CRM tool with integrations, manage your pipeline on the go and onboard teammates without the learning curve.

    World-class security and robust account controls

    Keep your data safe with AES-256 encryption, full SOC 2 compliance and leading hosting infrastructure in Rackspace and AWS. Tailor your account permissions and security settings and receive instant alerts for peace of mind.
    With Pipedrive’s mobile apps for Android and iOS, sales efficiency is always at your fingertips, wherever you are. Access your data on the move, finalize meeting prep and impress leads with instant follow-ups.

    Our Pipedrive Initial Integration service empowers you to seamlessly integrate the system, tailored precisely to your company's requirements.
    Scope of Pipedrive Initial Integration:

    • 1. Business Process Audit

      Pipedrive specialists will conduct a thorough study of your organization's processes, documentation, and structure to identify optimal automation directions.

    • 2. Contract Signing

      Post-audit, you have the flexibility to choose a pre-configured automation solution, and we'll initiate the implementation process swiftly.

    • 3. Implementation by VORTEXWEB

      We tailor the implementation to align precisely with your business objectives.

    • 4. System Testing

      Our engineers rigorously test Pipedrive components for a week, addressing any issues that may arise.

    • 5. Final Implementation

      We conclude with the transfer of documentation and training your personnel in the new functionality.

    • 6. Added Benefits

      ● Free Technical Support for 1 Month
      ● Personnel Training

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    A CRM system is a database that stores all your customer information, including contact information like phone numbers and email addresses

    No, there are no limits to the amount of online consulting you can receive. Our experts are here to address your questions, offer insights, and help you overcome challenges as you leverage Bitrix24 for your business.

    Absolutely. Our support package includes online training and onboarding programs to help your team become proficient in using Bitrix24's features. We aim to ensure a smooth transition into the platform.

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