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Pipedrive in a nutshell

Manage leads & deals

Get more hot leads fed straight into your sales pipelines around the clock from your custom chatbot and web forms

Track Communications

Track calls, emails and contact history exactly where you need to and have full visibility and control of your schedule

Automate and grow

Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive administrative tasks and learn from artificial intelligence

Insights and reports

Deep dive into metrics customized for your business and measure company performance against set goals

Privacy and security

Have full transparency and peace of mind on when and how your business data is being used

Mobile apps and integrations

Access Pipedrive from your mobile device and integrate with your favorite sales-boosting apps

AI-powered Sales Assistant (beta)

The AI-powered Sales Assistant, currently in beta, analyzes your sales pipeline and activities, identifying unique sales patterns and preferences.

Project Management Tool

Projects takes advantage of Pipedrive CRM’s award-winning usability features, enabling you to map out complex projects in a simple and intuitive way with our familiar kanban board view.

Power Plan

Power is the perfect plan for established cross-department sales teams that need one tool to manage deals and projects.

Automatic assignment

The automatic assignment feature is Pipedrive’s lead distribution software and can automatically assign new sales leads and prospects to a person or team in your sales department.
With automatic assignment, you can set up and prioritize distribution rules in Pipedrive that suit your business needs.

Sales Assistant

Boost your performance with personalized tips that appear in the app


Automate repetitive tasks to create a streamlined sales process for your team

Smart Contact Data

Instantly find valuable information about contacts to close deals faster

Auto lead assignment

Automate lead distribution with our automatic assignment feature

Deal and lead labels

Let your team add color-coded labels to each deal to organize data and speed up the sales process

Import leads and deals

Bulk-import leads and deals from spreadsheets with Pipedrive’s importing function

Product catalog

Create a customizable catalog of your company’s goods or services, including costs, notes and more

Deal rotting

Get notified when a deal stays idle for longer than the defined rotting period

Custom fields and reports

Generate sales and crm reports based on the custom fields you’ve set up, using real-time data

Revenue forecast reporting

Strategize like a pro with a comprehensive overview of your predicted revenue

Performance reports

See the number of leads you’ve created, archived and converted into deals over time

Conversion reports

Track your leads-to-deals conversion rate by groups like lead source, creator and time period

Group email

Create email distribution groups to send emails to groups of up to 100 contacts at once

Email scheduling

Working with customers in different time zones? Send emails during your off-hours without connecting to work.

Email sync

Fully sync your Gmail, Outlook, or company email to send and receive emails directly from within Pipedrive

Email tracking

Get notified when a prospect opens your email or clicks on any link you’ve sent them

  • Visualized processes

    Your sales teams will perform best with clear objectives. Prioritize important leads and patch holes in your sales processes.

  • Pipeline management

    Map your sales pipeline with a CRM to better understand how customers move through the buying journey and to encourage conversion.

  • Workflow and marketing automation

    Automate repetitive tasks to simplify your workflow and provide potential customers with a personalized experience.

  • Manage CRM data in one database

    A central hub for contact management makes it quicker and easier for salespeople to access valuable customer information.

  • Improve sales managementn

    The data stored in a CRM tells you who your customers are, how they behave and what they want.

  • Track sales and financial performance

    A CRM platform provides a rundown of your sales, revenue and financial performance.