Bitrix24 Employee Level Training

Employee Level Training

      Core Functions Overview :

        ○ Main Menu (Navigation and Modification)
        ○ Activity Stream (General Features)
        ○ My Profile
        ○ Chat and Calls
        ○ Desktop and Mobile Application
        ○ Time and Reports: Worktime; Work Reports
        ○ Workgroups: General Overview; Lists; Tasks; Settings
        ○ Tasks: Creation; Planning; General Overview; Control
        ○ Bitrix24. Drive: Personal Drives; Company Drive
        ○ Webmail:General Overview; Features; Settings
        ○ Calendars: My Calendar; Company Calendar
        ○ Employees:Company Structure; Employee Lists
        ○ Workflows:How to Work With (General Features)
        ○ CRM Overview:General Overview
        ○ CRM Analytics: Report Examples

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